Efficiency & Performance

KnowledgeHouse carries out consulting, development, lectures and workshops on performance management, self-management, personal effectiveness & efficiency and high performance teams.

The consulting and development on efficiency, quality and performance of KnowledgeHouse is always based on the company's business strategy, culture and objectives, to ensure that the efficiency, quality and performance are pursued targeting the corporate culture and the specific areas that the business strategy emphasizes. Therefore, holistic performance management and effect measurements are always an integral part of these efficiency and performance activities carried out by KnowledgeHouse.

Testimonial from High Performance Team development

FLSmidth A / S General manager Mads Jespersen

"In the context of a global R & D development process emphasizing High Performance Teams, we applied Annabeth Aagaard from KnowledgeHouse as an advisor, facilitator and development consultant. The team development processes contained several phases and activities, where pre-assessment, development seminars on mapping team values and development plans as well as follow-up activities were key elements. Annabeth Aagaard developed and implemented the process in a highly professional and intuitive manner and with great satisfaction of the management and staff.

On this background, we have decided to continue the cooperation, and have also applied Annabeth for the planning, facilitation and integration of FLSmidth's Innovation Strategy, an assignment that Annabeth has also performed with great success and creativity.

I can therefore highly recommend Annabeth to other companies, which want targeted and professional advice, facilitation and development in strategy, management and organization."

Testimonial from courses on Self-management and Personal Effectiveness

Ringkoebing-Skjern Municipality, course coordinator Gitte Buhl

"During the last couple of years, we have booked Annabeth for over ten courses on " Self-management and personal leadership" for our open course catalog for Ringkoebing-Skjern Municipality employees - and Annabeth gets super feedback every single time, so we continue to book the course."