Knowledge House

The KnowledgeHouse is a research-based consultancy providing consultancy, company workshops, management training and lectures across the company's core competences as the company advises some of the largest companies in Scandinavia.

The core competencies of the KnowledgeHouse are:

Management, CSR and strategy

Organisational development & values

Knowledge sharing, learning and networks

Innovation, business modelling & change

HRM and strategic competence development

Efficiency and perfomance

The KnowledgeHouse is structured as a network organization with Director Annabeth Aagaard (PhD, MSc.) heading the company's business activities in collaboration with a network of some of the best and most acknowledged specialist across the fields of management, strategy, business modelling, new technologies, human resources and organization, innovation, HR & CSR, communication & sales, business psychology and coaching.

For major development activities key specialists are selected for the specific assignment and in collaboration with the client company's internal consultants. This is to set up a task team that lives up to the demands and requirements of the client and which ensures optimal performance, knowledge transfer and successful implementation and integration.