HRM & Competences

The KnowledgeHouse handles consulting, development, lectures and workshops within HRM, HR strategy development, business-oriented HRM, strategic competence development, talent management, competence databases and training impact measurement.

The HR consulting and development of the KnowledgeHouse is always based on the business and how HR can optimize and develope to better be able to support the specific unit's objectives and the overall business strategy. Therefore, impact measurement is always an integral part of all educational and training activities carried out by KnowledgeHouse.

The company's director, Annabeth Aagaard has also co-authored the book, "Outstanding Danish Leadership - an anthology of HR works, Ankerhus, 2010. She often contributes with articles within the HR field and has worked for the organization PID - Personnel Managers in Denmark, and writes HR articles for PID's members and the magazines 'Personalechefen/The HR Manager' and 'Leadership in Development'.

Testimonial from HR strategy development and HRM consultancy

VELUX, HR Vice President, Niels Espersen

"We have successfully used Annabeth Aagaard & KnowledgeHouse as an advisor and facilitor on the development of VELUX's HR division and the integration of a HR KAM structure, through mapping and analysis of HR customer requirements and the development of VELUX' HR strategy. We highly recommend other organizations to use Annabeth Aagaard and the KnowledgeHouse for similar processes. "

Testimonial from lectures on effective competence development

HMN Naturgas, personnel manager Kirsten U. Juhl

"At our annual staff policy meeting we had invited Annabeth Aagaard to give a talk to us about effective and targeted competence development. She gave us a tremendous peptalk and inspiration for our further work. In a combination between her great knowledge and presentation of a variety of business cases and hands-on tools, Annabeth made this quite complex concept relevant and tangible for the audience. With her positive and direct profile, she created enthusiasm and dialogue and gave us a 'push' in the right direction. We can highly recommend Annabeth to other companies who want knowledge and inspiration on a high level."

Testimonial from kick-off seminar on effective and targeted competence development

Slagelse Municipality, HR psychologist Frederick Juliussen

"On our kick-off seminar, we invited Annabeth to give a presentation about what it means to be competent, to be sharp on the necessary skills and how to ensure that you possess the necessary skills that the job requires. Her presentation was the conclusion of two days, where we had explored and dug into the methods and skills we had had the most success with in the past year and we had talked methods on a more abstract level. By extension hereof, Annabeth's presentation hit right on target!

It was a presentation, which both spoke to the management and employees in the field. During 1½ hours we were presented with 20 concrete, easy-to-use methods and tools that we could immediately go home and use. There was only positive feedback from her presentation. I would say that the reason the presentation was so successful, is largely due to her energetic preparation with focus on knowing the target audience and especially the context where the presentation is to be presented in. I would definitely recommend Annabeth to a colleague!"