The KnowledgeHouse carries out consulting, development programs, lectures and workshops on idea generation, innovation, creativity, innovation management, business model innovation, innovation organizations, innovative team and impact measurement.

The KnowledgeHouse' consulting and development activities in innovation are always based on the company's business strategy and how innovation and creativity ensure fulfillment of the company's business goals and - strategy. Impact measurement is therefore an integral part of the innovation activities carried out by the KnowledgeHouse.

The KnowledgeHouse specializes in innovation, concept development and change processes, as the company's CEO, Annabeth Aagaard has earned a Phd in Front End Innovation, and has published a number of innovation handbooks: "Idea management", Børsen in 2008; "Innovation & Entrepreneurship", 2011, Hans Reitzels Forlag; and "Idea and Innovation Management & Leadership", 2011, Gyldendal Business.

Testimonial from a seminar on Change Management

TRYG, Centre Manager Kristian Jensen

"Recently Tryg held a seminar on Change management and change readiness for over 100 employees and their leaders from four service centers. The event was developed and implemented in a very positiv and professional fashion by Annabeth Aagaard, with inspiring lectures on change processes, tools and motivation for change, which was followed up with active employee workshops, which resulted in the employees' own presentations of solutions. The effect of the seminar day was very clear with a significantly more positive attitude towards the process of change and a high degree of employee commitment. We thank Annabeth for a terrific seminar day, and recommend her highly to other companies that work with change processes and change management."

Effekten af seminardagen var meget tydelig med en væsentlig mere positiv indstilling overfor forandringsprocessen og en stor grad af medarbejdercommitment. Vi siger tak til Annabeth for en alletiders seminardag, og anbefaler hende varmt til andre virksomheder, som arbejder med forandringsledelse og forandringsprocesser."

Testimonials from a workshop on innovation management

Copenhagen Municipality, Technical & Environmental Department HR consultants Anne-Dorte Hesselholt and Anja Obdrup

"Annabeth Aagaard recently gave a presentation at an after-work meeting for our leaders in the Technical and Environmental Administration, City of Copenhagen. The presentation focused on innovation and results. There is no doubt that Annabeth Aagaard has extensive knowledge of and experience with this subject. The presentation was characterized by Annabeth Aagaard active and winning persona and was both theoretical and practical in its content. We were presented with a number of tools that we can use in everyday life - which worked really well with us. The administration of Directors would like to meet with Annabeth Aagaard again to talk more to her about innovation, which sends a clear signal about the impression she left behind."

Testimonial from a conference on Innovation in sales

Business Denmark, Marketing Coordinator, Rikke Ernst Rand:

"Business Denmark used Annabeth Aagaard as a speaker at two conferences in May 2012 with the theme: 'Innovation in Sales'. She really made an impact as an inspirator and toolmaker. AA focused her speech and simultaneously addressed the individual sub-segments: sales manager , entrepreneurs and 'shop floor'. The evaluations showed subsequently that Business Denmark members were enthusiastic about both the professional level of the presentation and hands-on tool that AA came with. I highly recommend Annabeth Aagaard both as a professional sparring partner and inspiration of a very high professional level"