Management, CSR & Strategy

KnowledgeHouse specializes in management, sustainability/CSR, strategy development and implementation, and has developed and implemented strategies for some of the largest private and public companies in Scandinavia including: Danisco, VELUX, H. Lundbeck, MTHøjgaard, Danish Road Directorate, KNI, Kromann Reumert, Bech Bruun etc.

Consulting, development programs, workshops and lectures are part of a strategy process, which is tailored to the organization's requirements and unique characteristics and challenges, culture and customer and other stakeholder needs and expectations. All strategy and management development activities include targets/goals and effect measurement as an integral part, where the train-the-trainer approach to ensure optimal results and integration.

KnowledgeHouse carries out strategy development and implementation within the following areas and more:

Knowledge strategy

Innovation Strategy

HR strategy

CSR strategy

Business Strategy

Network Strategy

Testimonials from strategy development

H. Lundbeck A/S, Executive Vice President, Peter Høngaard Andersen

"The research area of H. Lundbeck A/S have in connection with a major transformation of the focus in 2005-2008 worked intensively with culture and innovation. We used Annabeth Aagaard from KnowledgeHouse in the strategy process, which acted as a strategic advisor and development consultant. This work was one of the three pillars of our current strategy, 'Lundbeck Research 2020'. Annabeth conducted in connection with this process initial internal innovation analysis of status quo and subsequently, in cooperation with the management group, development of a Lundbeck specific innovation strategy. This innovation strategy was over a longer period integrated with the employees and subsequently modified based on input from here. Afterward, Annabeth along with the management team were responsible for the implementation of strategy across the organization, as well as subsequent effect measurement. Based on the successful transformation that the Lundbeck's research organization has been through in the last couple of years, I can highly recommend Annabeth Aagaard and the KnowledgeHouse to other organizations that want to work seriously and focused on innovation, ideation and the development of innovation strategies."

Testimonials from strategy development

Danisco Innovation A / S, Vice President Hans Elbek Pedersen

"Danisco Innovation has had a very positive and constructive cooperation with Annabeth Aagaard as a strategic advisor in connection with Danisco Innovations knowledge management integration process. The consulting has included the development of a knowledge management integration process incl. the implementation of the knowledge analysis, knowledge strategy, knowledge activities, knowledge management conference and advise on communication, knowledge systems and knowledge-sharing networks, etc. We have been very satisfied with the counseling process with Annabeth Aagaard and the KnowledgeHouse and has chosen to continue to cooperate, and can highly recommend the KnowledgeHouse to other organizations working seriously with their knowledge, leadership and strategy."