Courses & lectures

KnowledgeHouse designs and carries out customized courses, seminars, workshops and lectures targeting the topic identified and requested by customer.

The specific content of the lectures and workshops targets the specific challenges or tasks that the company and the target audience is facing, so that the content becomes relevant and timely for the audience.

Courses and seminars typically includes an initial inspiration part in the form of a lecture with practical knowledge and tools, and with an open dialogue, practical cases and experiences from other companies. Through workshops an anchoring of learning among the participants is ensured, so that they can apply the presented knowledge and tools efficiently at work and in the organization.

Annabeth Aagaard also participate as a moderator, facilitator and coordinator of seminars, exhibitions and conferences

Annabeth Aagaard is fluent in (American) English, as she has studied at Stanford University during her PhD. In addition, she has lived in California for several years, and have worked in the American divisions of LEGO and H. Lundbeck and can therefore participate on a professional level in international tasks and activities

Annabeth Aagaard offers inspirational talks, lectures and workshops through the bureau's that manages her bookings: