Organization & values

KnowledgeHouse handles consulting, development, lectures and workshops in connection with organizational changes such as mergers, organizational development, value processes etc. These developments are prepared and tailored to the company's unique characteristics and always in close cooperation with the company and its internal consultants, who are integrated through 'train-the-trainer' activities to ensures the long-term successful anchoring of the organizational changes.

Testimonial from a merger process

Danske Bank DK, Senior Consultant in Business Development Søren Ravn Mortensen

"In connection with the integration of approximately 130 employees from Realkredit Danmark private market into Danske Bank Annabeth Aagaard contributed as a developer, consultant, speaker and coach of two consecutive introductory courses in October / November 2007. Themes of the courses were the personal transformation, shared values ​​and cooperation agreements with new colleagues.

Annabeth Aagaard has a contagious commitment and a high degree of credibility. These qualities, combined with the content of the days' active workshops ensured that the employees and managers "bought into" the specific tools and knowledge presented to manage the change process. Our employees have expressed that Annabeth's contributions have made a positive difference for the change that they are facing. "

Testimonial from a leadership seminar on the learning organization

Ringkoebing-Skjern Municipality, Director Anette Nyborg Andersen

"Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality chose the KnowledgeHouse as a partner in five seminars on the Learning Organization for all management groups in the municipality. Director Annabeth Aagaard, who was our contact throughout the process, delivered a very professional and well-prepared product, which was tailored to our needs and requirements. Through inspired speech, practical workshops, instructive case studies and action plans learning and the learning organization was made specific and understandable concrete. The participants received both inspiration, knowledge and tools for their own work with The Learning Organisation.

Annabeth completed all course days with great commitment and enthusiasm, which also influenced the participants. Annabeth was also really good at finding the appropriate level and approach towards the participants. We recommend the KnowledgeHouse and Annabeth Aagaard warmly to other organizations that wants to work diligently with management and organizational development, and we have therefore chosen to continue working together with the KnowledgeHouse. "

Testimonial from a leadership seminar in value-based management

TNT Freight Management, HR responsible Rikke Janniche

"Annabeth Aagaard conducted a very successful one-day leadership seminar in value-based management for TNT freight management. Through lectures, dialogues, workshops and presentations value-based management was made clear to everybody and concrete value actions were established. A very fruitful and constructive process, where Annabeth safely, effectively and inspiringly guided us on the way. We can highly recommend Annabeth to other companies working with value-based management."