Columnist & Author

Annabeth Aagaard authors and co-authors books published in the area of sustainability/CSR, management, strategy, business modelling, innovation, knowledge management and networks etc.

Annabeth Aagaard publishes international research through high-impact, peer-review scientific journals and acts as a reviewer at several high-impact journals

Annabeth Aagaard contribute with interviews, columns and articles for multiple magazines, newspapers and other media and on various topics, where content and angle can be tailored to the specific media, target group and themes.

Annabeth Aagaard also prepares book reviews and participates as a regular writer/columnist for, a number of business magazines and newspapers

If you and your newspaper, business magazine or other media wants Annabeth Aagaard to participate as a writer, co-writer, columnist, interviewee, book reviewer, at a panel, blogs or other social media platforms please contact Annabeth Aagaard directly by mail: