All activities, collaborations and operations of the KnowledgeHouse are based on our four core company values, which characterize how we research, work, collaborate and develop as an organization and in our assignments, workshops and projects. These values ​​serve as our daily guidelines for dialogue, cooperation and interaction with people and organizations.

1. Quality

We seek and apply the newest research and knowledge, the most competent partners and the most potent combination of methods and approaches to ensure the highest level of quality of our solutions. Value action: we evaluate all our solutions and results together with our customers to ensure that we continuously learn and improve.

2. Customer-centric

We put the customer first by starting of where the customer's organization is now and where it wants to go.
Value Action: we identify development areas and needs together with the customer and then tailor a prioritized model of solutions to meet customer requirements, economy and expectations, while ensuring optimal integration of the solutions also after the assignment.

3. Innovative solutions

We develop new, tailored and innovative solutions for our customer through the optimal integration of the latest research, empirical knowledge, partners and approaches.
Value Action: we continuously perform and explore international research and dissemination of knowledge and collect best practice from the industry and our customers' solutions.

4. Sustainability

We ensure sustainable results for the customer by assessing the company's development based on the three Ps (people, planet & profit) and select the best and most sustainable solution in the short and long term.
Value Action: We are a sustainable company that takes an active stand in ensuring a more sustainable future through the three P's - People (e.g. mentoring of green start-ups, sponsors for SOS children), Planet (e.g. only electric and public transportation) and profit (sustainable business results and philanthropic activities)