Knowledge sharing & network

KnowledgeHouse lives up to its name, as the main objective of the company is to continuously contribute with new knowledge and globally sharing the latest knowledge and research on management, sustainability, strategy, innovation, business modelling etc. The company's director, Annabeth Aagaard, has published several books and numerous public and scientific articles on knowledge management and networking.

She is the author of two of the groundbreaking books in Danish knowledge sharing and knowledge management, respectively, "Knowledge in motion - towards the knowledge enterprise", Børsen Publishers and "Create results through learning, knowledge and skills," JP Business Publishing.

Moreover, Annabeth Aagaard is one of the consultants who single-handed have developed and implemented knowledge management strategies in most Danish companies. KnowledgeHouse develops and advises on the development and implementation of knowledge and network strategies, training in cross-divisional knowledge management and ideation as well as strategic network management and structured knowledge sharing and effective networks. In the practical implementation she combines the work with the learning organization, core knowledge sharing and strategic competence development and networking to achieve the best results for the company.

Testimonial on knowledge strategy development and counseling on knowledge management

Kromann Reumert, Knowledge Manager Poul Jensen

"Kromann Reumert has for several years applied the KnowledgeHouse as a consultancy and with great success. The KnowledgeHouse has among other things contributed to the development of Kromann Reumert's knowledge strategy, participated in knowing seminars, advised on knowledge systems, competence databases, communications, knowledge ambassadors and many other knowledge tasks and skills. We have been very pleased with the cooperation and highly recommend the KnowledgeHouse and Annabeth Aagaard for organizations that want to work seriously and focused on knowledge management and competency management."

Testimonial on the development and implementation of Knowledge strategy:

Odense Municipality, HR Consultant Henriette Schøler

"Odense Municipality's finance departments wanted to make better use and benefit from knowledge sharing and networking. In this context, Annabeth Aagaard provided inspiration and practical tools with the inspirational lecture, "Effective knowledge-sharing and networking" as well as a networking workshop, where tools immediately were taken into use during Annabeth's knowledgeable guidance. It became effective today, where participants especially expressed excitement about the tools, that were not just presented but immediately used and linked to specific problems in their everyday worklife. Annabeth Aagaard complement her presentations with her own experiences, which makes her pep talks come very much alive and she exudes a strong commitment."

Testimonial on the development and implementation of Knowledge strategy

Danish Road Directorate, Quality coordinator Anne Marie Flensted

"Danish Road Construction Division has applied Annabeth Aagaard as an strategic advisor and facilitator in the last few years in connection with the organization's development, implementation and embedding of a new knowledge strategy.

Annabeth Aagaard has in this process taken care of the facilitation of the strategy workshops, where she with the management team drew up the strategy and action plans. Moreover, she advised on how to establish the background information for determining the specific needs for knowledge management. Subsequently, she advised on and participated in the development of methods for knowledge management and in building system of knowledge, communication, implementation, development of toolkits and guidelines. In addition, she helped build the ambassador corps and knowledge networks as well as effect measurement etc. Finally, she advised on and participated in the launch of employee workshops spread throughout the country and follow-up on these sessions.

Annabeth is very knowledgeable on her field of expertise, she it very involved, and work both efficiently and solution-oriented, and we can therefore highly recommend Annabeth Aagaard to other companies that wants to work seriously and focused on their strategy and management of their knowledge and networks."