The KnowledgeHouse will provide knowledge and consulting that changes and improves the way we do business creating results with and across all types of organizations through the implementation of targeted strategies, sustainable business choices, multiple business models and new technologies.

Our vision we strive through our values ​​and mission statements by the following:

We will develop as a consultancy by integrating the newest research and the latest empirical knowledge in management, strategy, sustainability, business modelling, innovation and new technologies.

We will develop our national and global networks and relationships with public and private companies, NGOs, universities and other partners to continuously improve our knowledge and quality of our services.

We will research, develop and implement new methods, models and guidelines that strengthens our knowledge of sustainable business, multi-business modelling, innovation & new technologies

We will increase our knowledge dissemination through the production of books, workshops, social media, articles and research nationally and globally

We will base all our internal and external relations on our values ​​and abide by them in practice.